Faisalabad is called the manchester of Asia due to its Textile industry. There are many textile mills, factories and power looms. Textile is the life blood of faisalabad's economy, a big portion of faisalabad population attached directly or indirectly to the textile sector. many textile sector giants like Massod Textile, Interloop, Sapphire Textile, Amtex, Ibrahim Group, Nishat Group, Chenab and many more have their head offices in faisalabad.
A lot of textile finished goods export is carried through this city. which have major share in overall exports of Pakistan.

List of Textile Industries in Faisalabad
Name Address Phone Web Address
Samira Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-5718204 www.samirafab.com
Saima Towel Dyeing & Bleching Plot No. 7-10, Mubarak Town, Near Faisalabad University, Sargodha Road, Fsd. +92-41-8005542
Shabir Textile Dyeing Shadman Road, Chibban, Faisalabad. +92-41-2618565
Shahzad Imran Fabrics Satiana Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8724182
Shaheen Dyeing Raja Ghulam Rasool Nagar, Faisalabad. +92-41-8714501
Sharif Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd Sataina Road, Faisalabad. 8539872
Shadman Dyeing Shadman Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8863464
Shoaib Usman Textile Ind (Pvt) Ltd Shadman Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-2631218
Sitara Textile Industries Ltd Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-2644069-70 www.sitaratextile.com
Siddique Processing Mills (Pvt) Ltd Bawa Chak, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8868747-48 www.sargodhatex.com
Syed Dyeing Raja Ghulam Rasool Nagar, Faisalabad. +92-41-2616728
S.A.Samad & Company Small Industrial Estate, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8869283 www.brightexports.com
3-Star Dyeing Maqbool Road, Faisalabad. +92-41-8729897
Umar Usman Processing Industry Chowk Allah Jivaia, Maqbool Road, Faisalabad. 8555418
United Textile Printing Industries (Pvt) Ltd Maqbool Road, Faisalabad. 2624336, 2624436
Usman Dyeing Ind Raja Ghulam Rasool Nagar, Faisalabad. 8559435
Yasir Afzal Textile (Pvt) Ltd Dar-ul-Sehat Road, Bawa Chak, Sargodha Road. 8869679
Zam Zam Textile Ind (Pvt) Ltd Satiana Road, Faisalabad. 2637182
Zam Zam Textile Industries Maqbool Road, Faisalabad. 8548408- 8728847
Zafar Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd 7-J-B,Off, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. 041-8812377